Why Miley Cirus did it!




First of all I want to make this absolute clear:


But then again, it does beg the question why she did it?

I will give you a hint of what I believe.

Watched any VEVO vids lately? Avoiding Miley’s face/ads/promotions/referrals would be like biking with your mouth open and not catch any flies!

Her people knew that most of us would jump on the bandwagon of, “she is just a nasty, tasteless and spoilt brat,” after the twerking incident. Which.. let’s face it – she most likely is.

However, that also meant pitching her records after the event would not come across as selling. Not spammy.

People want to find out more anyway – Miley is everywhere, news to radio – From Budapest to Bangkok!

And the promotion part of it is a done deal!
That is one helluva extreme to go to not come across as spammy and selly.

I hope by this point you see the point I am trying to make – and NO, it is not:

“go twerking, go twerking, go twerking!!”

“gimme an S… gimme a K… gimme an A.. etc” (now, try to say that like a cheerleader on steroids, fast forward – it’s fun)


Recently, I was explaining this to a very important Social Media client of mine.

Her mailing list decimated all when it came to promoting one of her events. 99% of sales were from people that signed up from the mailing list.

Even her facebook fans were already on her mailing list (surprise, surprise).

However, analytics revealed that 40% of her web traffic actually came from Facebook ads and boosts.

And, mailing list visitors spent about 14 seconds on the sign-up page.

Whilst Facebook folks spent over 2 minutes on the sign-up page.

Did facebook contribute to her campaign?

You betcha.

How does this relate to poor Miley (honestly, I feel sorry for her..)?

If you have ever managed a mailing list, you’ll know that repeated spammy emails result in one thing – people unsubscribe.


[[Adding another media prevented the campaign from looking spammy.]]


Whilst we don’t all possess the physique and inclination (Thank God for that!!) that Miley does:

Social Media allows us to be ‘not spammy’ … AND still keep the reps going and going and.. (energizer bunny style)

And any self-respecting and unscrupulous advertiser would vouch for reps i.e. the more reps the more sales.

Try adding one more platform.. and let me know how it goes.


At your Humble Service,


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