Why do people leave your website without buying?


Stop! Buy something first!
Stop! Buy something first!

Are we (normal, everyday business owners) likely to make MILLIONS overnight?

Personally, I don’t think so.

But can we kick some serious butt with our websites?

Of course, we can.

Can we learn from the best and at least do better sales-wise?


Ray Edwards has made companies hundreds of millions of dollars. With a little Google-ing, that can be verified.

He has worked with Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and Amy Porterfield. Here’s a “WRITING” TIP from him.

>>>Write for people that are ready to buy!

Sounds simple? It’s not.

Instead, we are always trying to resolve objections and convince people to buy from us.


Ray says write for people that are about to buy.

Think of questions that these ripe customers would be asking themselves.

That’s what your content should focus on..

If you don’t know the answer, call up a few of your customers, find out what these questions were when they selected you.

By the way, your LinkedIn profile could use some copywriting love too.

There are a few definite no-no’s on the web. One of the major ones, Ray mentions is to never write paragraphs that are more than 2-3 lines.

NO one is reading longer paragraphs. No evidence whatsoever!

Whether it’s your website or LinkedIn profile, if you want me to help you get to that level, let me know!!

My personal number is 0425 766 964.



P.S. I just “wrote” my way into coming up first on searches on LinkedIn in a little under a minute and a half!! Yay!! And in my target market too!!

P.P.S. I taught this stuff in University Marketing classes and had students stare at me in wonder (or disgust??)!!!



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