Trying new things on social media – beware of this trap

A recent academic article prompted the line of thinking for this post. I have developed a decent sized following on three social media platforms. I used linkedin, facebook and twitter where I entertain 6000 people. Which ones do you use?

More importantly, which ones did you recently adopt as part of your social media strategy?

According to a bunch of researchers – Milwood, Marchiori and Zach to be precise, if you experienced success with your “new” platform you should be careful not to generalize.

What they mean is this: say you just started twitter. You get to about 100 followers and the engagement is awesome. However, they argue that this is only beneficial in the short run. You can only ride this success for so long.

What do I think?

I agree. I learned the hard way. Nonetheless, the point is I learned. I learned because I watch my analytics like a hawk. I don’t use anything fancy either. Just google analytics. I watched (with a gaping mouth and obscenely protruding eyeballs) my engagement level drop badly. Bad mojo.

Our researchers suggested the same approach. Monitoring! Monitoring your investment – to quote.

Whilst, I sound like a broken record, the point is a good one. Watch out for that spike when you first start engaging people on your ‘newish’ platform. Without “monitoring your investment” and adjusting accordingly, these guys are saying we will not get far.

Social Media remains something that needs attention – it is not something you just let it sit out there. It backfires when you do.. I wonder if my readers have had this happen to them. Maybe you just missed it on google analytics etc. It would have been very insightful to catch it in the act though..

Please share this research-based post to anyone who you know that has a social media presence. The researchers surveyed this extensively. It really highlights again, the usage of solid analytics.

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