The Team

Darren Veerapa CPA, MFin, MPA

Managing Director, SM Research.  Published & the hyper-excited one in the team, I focus on creating sales and lead generation campaigns for clients. That is probably 90 percent of my day – I like to help. I have been doing so since 1998. As of October 2014, I have already worked with the largest company in Australia, a “Banking Big 4” and TV celebrities.(And I have embarrassed myself on TV too). Most importantly, over 550 (at the time of writing) successful businesses and individuals have been helped by me, personally. Not as “warm and fuzzy” as Helen (who is probably the one our customers usually interact) but focused on your ROI.


Dr Navin Veerapa MBA, PhD, BSc (Hons)

Dr Veerapa is an experienced lecturer having lectured and taught at a number of universities in Melbourne. Over the last five years he has taught the following business subjects: Marketing Management, Logistics and Fulfillment, Customer Relationship Management, Business Strategy and International Marketing while at the same time conducting industry funded research for the car industry. Currently he is teaching Marketing, Advanced & International Marketing and Services Marketing at La Trobe University in the MBA Program. While well known for achieving consistently high ratings in terms of teaching quality, Dr. Veerapa is a nurturer of productive relationships with the business community and is passionate about research supervision and pastoral care.
He has several years of business development experience at a managerial level internationally. In North America he worked for clients such as Nestlé, Simplot and GAP. He has also been instrumental in developing and maintaining customer relationships at the highest level in eastern and southern Africa for a major international consulting company. In Australia he has been a consultant for the International Car Distribution Programme Australia, Cytomatrix and the Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing.  As such he has conducted a number of executive level workshops.


Helen Stapleton

My much loved assistant – someone who has all the qualities we wish we had. Someone who is patient, understanding and warm (but mostly knows her way around XERO!). My clients love her and she knows that. We owe you so much, Helen. You who know.. well, everything (as you tend to remind us, hint-hint).


Joe Longo

National Business Manager, ex-polly. He is now re-formed or so he says. We will not hold that against him as he jumps in the fray and is a gun “ad creator”. His focus has shifted to customer service and analytics. When we get back to you quickly, that’s because he is breathing down our necks and waving forms and KPIs around the office.


Jim Kissas

Research Team Leader.  Jim manages a team of 4 researchers. He coordinates our ongoing investigation of new marketing tactics (And whether old ones are still working). This is what allows us to give you advice that works now. Jim has the largest responsibility & has an academic bend.


Richard Gray

Copywriter extra-ordinaire. I reliably book him out 6 months ahead with our sales funnel projects. (Please stop asking for his help. The poor do-gooder (like me) does not know how to say “no”)



Then you have our specialist team for Adwords management, SEO and a few other bits and pieces (Mostly Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting & Web development).


There you have it – it is probably a larger team than most think. But I never said SM Research was small either.



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