Gartner: 80% of businesses will fail with their social media efforts!!

Gartner: 80% of businesses will fail with their social  media efforts!!

My God! That is a lot. If you go to a business meeting and look at the person next to you.. that person has a 100% likelihood of failure on SM. Scary, right?


Their forecast is from now to 2015. So yes, they are talking about us RIGHT NOW.

By the way, this is from an MIT publication i.e. absolutely not to be taken lightly.


A)     They cite lack of leadership.

B)      And, businesses do not perceive SM as a business driver.

The first is rather self explanatory. Let’s think of a leader or a good CEO? Imagine their commitment to their company. If we don’t put that kind of gung-ho support behind SM, we fall in the ghastly 80% bite-the-dust-ers.

The second one is a bit trickier. Business drivers are basically anything that your success depends on ( sorry for finishing a sentence with a preposition)!

Business folks do not think that their business success depends on SM.

There you go.

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