Do people actually conduct business on Linkedin?

Is this platform for you?
Is this platform for you?


The answer is a resounding, “Y E S!!”

Morgan Stanley actually offers training on how their staff can generate leads.

With good reason too.

Last year, their largest ‘Linkedin’ contract was $70M.

On a smaller scale, I actively used it as a financial consultant. My largest one was a modest $30k.

Now I also use it for social media – obviously, it works great here too.

How about your business?

There are a few things that Linkedin can do for your business. After all, back in 2004, Linkedin made a conscious effort that it would focus on helping businesses.

Firstly, it is really good at automating lead generation. Considering the fact that 45% of Linkedin are decision makers. No more gatekeepers!

Secondly, LI has the highest income per individual among all other platforms. These guys and girls can afford your services!

Thirdly, you can leverage the power of thousands to create brand awareness on this platform. All it takes is some skill using groups.

I personally thought for the longest time that Twitter was for teenagers .. until I tried it and Twitter generated 7 times more traffic than all my efforts on Facebook.

Well, Linkedin regularly generates more than 7 times more traffic than both Twitter and Facebook C O M B I N E D.

So, #4 with a vengeance – Linkedin is amazing with generating targeted traffic.

#5 – This platform is really good for building targeted mailing lists. There are many features to assist you in doing so. Group announcements is one of them. And you have three opportunities to have opt-in pages linked to your profile. With call to actions!

#6 – It is growing phenomenally. My modest network of 4000 connections grows by at least 20 people per day. I don’t see that anywhere else.

#7 – People you contact on LinkedIn expect a business call. This is not facebook. Your audience knows you will want them to do something business related.

There are many more features that can make a dramatic difference to your business or career.

Which ones have you tried so far?


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  1. Next write about how do it 🙂

    1. Darren Veerapa says:

      I think so, B. 🙂

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